Material Supplier
WDG (West Development Group, LLC)
Roofing Industry

A one-component, moisture-curing
silicone rubber coating system designed
for use on sprayed-in-place polyurethane
foam. The coating is spray-applied and
touch-up work can be done with a brush.


Material SPecs
HSS 535 Solvent Free Silicone
Roof Coating

Typical Properties:
•              Ratio by volume: Single-component
•              Curing Time: 2-6 hours
at normal temperatures
•              Colors: White, Dark Gray, Light Gray

•              Silicone

Graco Equipment
• Graco 60:1 Xtreme™ Sprayer
with NXT™ motor

•              Part Number: X60DH1
•              Hoses:
1/2 in (12.7 mm) diameter hose with
lengths up to 100 ft (30.5 m) 50 MPa
(500 Bar) (7250 psi)

•              Hopper feed kit (288347)
Delivery Method:
•              XTR-7™ Airless Spray Gun with

three different tips (XTR702):
–              XHD™ RAC® 519 tip
–              XHD RAC 715 tip